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Fortune Cookies With Customized Text


We at Massage Millennium Inc. customize the text messages of the fortune cookies by the special demand for any client, if it’s a corporation or a private costumer and produce a unique massage for any need of purpose, from marketing campaigns to private events. Fortune cookies can be ordered for any other events such as weddings and family gatherings.

The massage itself is combined with the sweet taste of many flavors of the cookie and creates an indulging sensation for any one, for we all would like to receive a positive massage with something sweet.

You can choose from a bundle of packaging options each with its own different property. With the ability to imprint the company logo on the packae or on the cookie’s paper slip itself we help the readers to better receive the massage.

Massage Millennium Inc. produces their products in Israel under “kosher” supervision and inspection to promise the use of the best ingredients in every process. This way, we can provide our  products to all the community.

In addition there is the option for fortune cookies with small gifts hidden inside them instead of the normal paper slip usually found within, giving an extra twist to the unveiling massage of the cookie.

We know the importance of the massage conveyed and therefore, we put much thought on the process of creating the massages by a professional team dedicated for that task alone.

When a company gives their clients the fortune cookies they make a better impression on them, this strengthen the bonds of the company with its clients. The massage travels by seducing the sense of smell and the sense of sight, thus creating a perfect combination that will never fail to impress the clients.

Fortune Cookies Massage Millennium Inc. is opening their doors for you to try its grade A products and to experience with their unique marketing method. We will help yoi succeed in improving the marketing efficiency and producing the best results.