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The Fortune Cookies Message Millennium Inc. is the biggest most exclusive fortune cookies production company in Israel. Message Millennium produces kosher fortune cookies under “Mehadrin” supervision in Israel, and works under the strictest of conditions.

The company produces their fortune cookies for the general public, companies and social events. Message Millennium is a unique company supporting the costumers by personally customizing the massages hidden within the fortune cookie, altering it for every sort of demand appointed by the client.

The Company’s main focus is to enhance sales and marketing value by advertising their client’s agenda imprinted on the fortune cookie’s slip of paper that is enveloped in the cookie, whether it is a catch phrase or simply an embedded logo on the paper itself or on its packing that comes in a wide diversity of shapes and colors. The purpose is to pass on a positive statement for any individual that ‘picks up’ the cookie followed by the sensational taste of their fortune.

Our products can be found and used also for the New Year’s holidays, stating the dawn of a new year. In hotel rooms with some ‘good night’ cookies. In restaurants, caf├ęs, schools, clubs, VIP parties and much more.

You are welcome to try our successful marketing method and witness first hand its efficient results for preserving clients or attracting new ones. The massage travels by seducing the sense of smell and the sense of sight, thus creating a perfect combination that will never fail to raise a smile on men.

Message Millennium does not compromise either on its cookies taste or on the massages passed. The customized massages are written solely by the client’s orders in the accompaniment of a professional team designed to finalize the massage for the best results.

The fortune cookies can be ordered in every language and for every event.

Our service here in Message Millennium is a courteous and warm service for every one. Furthermore, due to the high kosher degree we can provide our services to the orthodox community as well and invite them to try and explore our products.

Fortune Cookie Massage millennium Inc. employs the best chemists and engineers specialized in the research and development of our unique cookie dough, promising the perfect taste in every bite and to keep the freshness of the fortune cookies for many days. Message Millennium will always use the best ingredients for their products in order the produce the cookie of the highest level.

The Fortune cookies comes in many flavors and colors: vanilla, orange, cocoanuts, honey and many other luxuries flavors. An option for chocolate coating is available as well.

In addition the fortune cookie Massage Millennium Inc. manufactures edible palates in vast array of shapes for every occasion.

All products are produced in “Parve” process.

Fortune Cookies Massage Millennium Inc. is proud to be the leading and exclusive production company in Israel for making kosher fortune cookies for any occasion and event. We welcome you to try the verity of services that we provide for every cause, with most attractive prices and personal attention for each costumer.